Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend recap

The Dc tri club training tri went great I had a solid race. I improve in every discipline. The swim was a little bit slow because I didn't warm up but steal was a good time for me I was around the 7:30's for 400 that is slow but I improve from the last time. the bike was solid for me I thin I was avg near the 21 MPH so was an improvement.The run was solid as of the bike I ran 7:00 mile pace and that is the fastest I have ever ride of the bike.People were telling me that I finish in the top 10 but I don't care because it was a training Tri to practice, specially the transitions and simulate a race. The distance was 400 mts 16.8 miles on the bike and 3.2 miles on the run my on official time was 1:21:30. The splits I put them when I have it. After that the BBQ was great I hang out with a lot of people and had a blast.

In the afternoon I went grocery shopping an looking for apt since I want to move to a less $$$$ place. On Sunday I put 43 miles on the bike and then in typical rainmaker style, went to the homestead farm and pick up a lot of strawberries. I had a blast getting the strawberries now I have a lot so I will be eating smoothies a lot. Other than that had a great weekend over all.

I watch many of the soccer games on Saturday night getting ready for South Africa 2010.

Only 2 weeks till my first real race of the year the ITU race so intense hard training this week getting ready for that.

Have a great week


Lacey Nicole said...

look at those strawberries! sounds like an amazing weekend! so impressive with the TRI!!! woo woo! how would you ideally warm up before the swim part?? congrats!!!

thanks SO MUCH for the advice on my blog, i think that is a great approach to the tempo. i wish i had a garmin so i could see my pace during the run itself it would be an incredible tool. but i could try to mark out miles and have that as a gauge. so if i was going too fast at 6:40 then i should shoot for 7:00 like you said and then blast out the last mile!!!!!! thanks so much i feel a lot better about my next tempo run. appreciate it!

Rainmaker said...

Ohh...I hope there are still some berries left, I think I might head up there on Sunday. We'll see!