Friday, June 5, 2009

Training tri weekend

Sorry for the absence have been busy with everything. But I am back.

This weekend I have a training Tri. Is a modify sprint hosted by the Dc Tri club. The coach told me to do it as is short and not hard on the body. In don’t count it as an official but I have some goals. I did the same course in 2007. On 2008 I didn’t do a single one. My time in 2007 was 1:30:51 my swim at that race was really slow like 8:10 or 8:15 so I will like to see if I can go under 7 :00 in 400 meters is steal slow but is an improvement as for the rest honestly have fun because is training and the big ITU race is in 2 weeks.

Is World Cup qualyfing weekend with a lot of good games. USA vs Honduras Mexico vs el Salvador Argentina vs Colombia Uruguay and Brazil so Saturday should be fun

NBA finals are on LA should win in 5 or 6 games because they are the better team and Jamier Nelson is back with Orlando and take shots away from Lewis and Torkuglu .

The Inside Triathlon magazine have a great article on ITU race and the whole triathlon movement in the DC area I encourage everyone to get the magazine and read it is great

I have been training a lot a lately and working so that may be my lack of blog but I promise I try to get better

Have a great weekend and good luck to who ever is racing



Good luck with your training tri. I am a triathlete in Arlington, too. How do you like the DC tri club? I've been thinking about joining.

Rainmaker said...

Good luck with the tri! (or hope you did well if it was this morning). They seem to do a solid job with those mock-tri's, so you should have a blast.