Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great weekend

This weekend was great I did everything I had on schedule, all my training, going to Boston, getting a car, driving back for 8 hours. It was just great.

The 8 hour drive was the big thing as I get to see Rhode Island, Connecticut, and NY. The rest of the trip I have made it a few times. NY is really confusing so you have to be aware of not getting lost. The trip was really smooth and I was at home in 8 hours with 2 stops included. I left really early from boston at 6:53 so that was a factor.

My training was Friday easy run and bike, Saturday 30 minutes of swim and 2hour bike Sunday 1h 15 m run Monday brick 2H15minutes bike 30 minute run in hot and humid day.

As for sports is a great time of the year as a lot of good sports are being shown on TV.
I have a few comments that I want to make
NBA playoffs, both series are good. The Denver LA series is really good and Denver have a small advantage when they play on their home court because of the altitude. Yes that affects seem like not many commentators talk about that but is really hard to play 2 games in 3 days when you are not use to that. I think LA will prevail because of the home court advantage. The Cleveland Orlando series is more complex as Cleveland core of players need to step up because as long a Lebron keep putting 45 points per game they are not going to win. That is the key for that series. Lets hope that the Black hand of the league doesn’t show up late at games. The black hand are the refs controlled by the Stern and company as they are counting the millions that a Lebron Kobe series will bring to them in a recession were 75% of the teams are broke.

Tomorrow the biggest game of the year in Soccer is play. The champions league final from Rome. Barcelona will face Manchester United. I f you are a true fan like me I will get to wok early so I can leave early to watch the game. Should be a great game as both team are full of superstar as Manchester have Ronney C Ronaldo and Tevez and El Barsa have Messi Eto, Henry Inesta Xavi Puyol. The game is at 2:45 pm on Espn 2 and espndeportes. Who I want to win el Barsa. Who is winning to close to call.

El Giro of Italy is great and yesterday performance by Carlos Sastre was impressive. Should be a great week to watch the final duel between Menchov Dulluca Basso and Sastre. Thank Universal sports. Just add the world volleyball league to your scheduele and I will be really happy

This week I begin the final training block for my first race of the season will see how it goes

Have a great week


Marathon Maritza said...

I've driven Boston to NY, it's gorgeous! Glad you got there easily and still got all your training done!

P.S. Go Lakers!

Rainmaker said...

It was indeed pretty crazy in Rome for the game - even though it was a number of K's outside of where I was. Still, amzaing.

Nicely done on the drive and solid job on getting the training done!