Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial trip

So for me this weekend is mix feeling 2 years ago I moved the DC NV SM Area for me is the same. So far everything have been good. Of course with high and lows as everyone life. So my trip for this weekend is going to Boston again to pick up what is going to be my car a.k.a a problem. Cars are a bad necessity but in my case I need one. Such instead of getting a new one I am getting a use one by my brother. So will see how this new problems comes. My Plan is get tomorrow to Boston and leave on Sunday driving all the way to DC is suppose to be an 8 hours drive but consider traffic of Connecticut and Delaware MD Pennsylvania area I expect a little bit more than 8. That my adventure plus training.
Run and bike today
Swim and bike tomorrow
Run on Sunday if I have energy
Memorial brick on Monday let see how things goes

Happy long weekend

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Shannon said...

Have a great weekend. Having a car isn't THAT bad.