Friday, July 27, 2012

Where I have been

So almost 6 month since my last post. A lot have happened in that time. I’m working full time. I haven’t race in almost a year. I am coming of an injury. A Plantar fasciitis (PF) cause by the bike not the run. I didn’t went to IM SJ 70.3 due to lack of $$$ and training didn’t went the way I wanted. So I thought spending a 1k on a race that I didn’t feel 100% wasn’t worth. Last week I went to a family wedding at Dominican Republic (DR). It was a great trip because I went and stay in a town in the mountains. It gave me a lot of perspective of things and how to work really hard in the goals that I want to achieve. Having say this once I landed I have begun to fully focus in my preparation to my November race, Ironman Arizona (IMAZ). I am putting all the marbles on this race for the next 16 weeks I will totally commit for this race. I will do my best to arrive healthy to the start line. According to how my training goes I will set my goals. But the way I was swimming biking and running before the (PF) I know I am capable of being around the 10:30 Area. It will be a matter if I can hold Up the training and I can stay healthy. I will try to do a weekly update here and maybe upload some data

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