Friday, August 24, 2012

A good training month

Finally I have been training well. The injuries are behind. For the last month I have put a lot of Volume on all 3 sports. A lot of discipline and sacrifice have to be put in order to step up your training to hit the next goal. That why have done. I miss most of the Olympic which is something I always enjoy watching. NBC help with the crap of coverage they did. I have been avoiding screen related devices after 8 (TV, Comp, Iphone) all those distraction that are hard on your eyes and doesn’t allow you sleep/rest well. This weekend I am doing my first century ride in nearly 3 years. It should be a fun enjoyable ride. I don’t have any time goals as it is informal ride where you arrive take a cue sheet and go. Stop at the aids stations eat as much as you can continue go back eat as much as you can finish and continue to eat as much as you can. A lot of old and new friends will be there so I am looking forward. Beginning on September I will begin to build up for IM AZ. The Last weekend of September I will be doing 2/3 of an Ironman as I will be doing the Chesapeake man Aquavelo. That will be a good indicator of how thing have gone during the last 3 month. One last thing I support Lance no matter what USADA. Is a bunch of crap and media tic circus I will be updating this more often so I can keep better track of my progress

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