Friday, September 9, 2011

Nations Triathlon Goals or sort off

I am training this weekend through the streets of the DC. Due to the weather here has been raining none stop since late Sunday. The swim got cancel yesterday. Due to the day 9/11 10th anniversary they couldn't get an additional permit to run earlier. FYI to have a race here you have to ask from the local Dc government, Park service, Coastguard, CIA, and secret service. So you know changing stuff in the last minute is not a good idea if you want the race again next year. So that bring us to the race format. Bike start and then a 10k run. I have decided that I will do the bike with training gear due to the amount of people that will be a the bike can get dangerous out there. So the main goal here will be survive the bike and have fun and if get a PR good then I will due the 10k. My hope is that I finish top 33% so I can qualify to Vermont next year. I don't know if I ll go but having the option is always a good idea. If I am boom about not swimming absolutely but you can not control the weather. From this I will rest and then focus on 2012

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Ironman said...

Go a head my friend... Attitude, courage and determinaion...!!!