Friday, August 26, 2011

Ironman San Juan 70.3 Race report (6 month later)

I decided to do this race back in November 2010. There were many reasons 1st it was my bday 2nd it was in my country 3rd to keep me motivated to train during the winter. I knew training on the 40’s for 3 to 4 months will not help on warm weather especially on the 80’s with high humidity. I knew I was not going to pr and the heat was going to be an issue.

Pre race
I got to SJ on Wednesday (the race was Saturday) my mom place where I was staying didn’t was completed so here my troubles began. I stayed 2 nights at my friends house and on the race night at my moms boy friends place. Sleeping was an issue and or my pre race plan was screw up. My mom place is 5 minutes to transition. I did packet Pick up on Thursday and rack my bike on Friday. Did a practice swim and felt good, ran and bike and felt good. If you ever do this race use Tribiketransport
Race morning
Was relax 1 as I knew were to go and what to do since it was m home town. I new transition perfectly. I racked my stuff. I had a friend staying at the host hotel we went to his room and waited a lot as both of our waves were late. At his room we notice how windy it was so we knew that the bike was going to be windy so we had to deal with it.
I head to the swim start with 30 minutes ahead. Was feeling good but the long wait really annoyed me.

Swim Goal, It was no wetsuit swim and I knew this since day 1 because water temp is 78 to 84 all year around. The way I has been swimming I knew I should be around 37 or 38. Swimming in salty water is always good as it help with flotation

The Swim was ok not to many bumps. I struggle to get my rhythm going at the beginning. Then I settled and got going. The last 200 meters you have a nice wave pushing you towards the end. It was like rollers lifting you from side to side. I thought it was fun.

T1= 4:57
This was a long run around 600 meters to get to the bike so that’s why the long time.

Bike Goal= this bike curse 46 out of the 56 miles are flat the problem is the wind. On a none windy day it has the potential to be very fast. But that doesn’t happen very often. Also the weather might not help as it might turn hot and humid towards the end. I thought I might pull a 2:45 but with most of training being indoors I knew it will be hard.

Bike = 2:47:02
I knew the course well as I did my first bike ride when I was newbie back in the day. For the first 20 miles there was a nice head wind so you have to control your self not to hammer much. There was a loop before turning back of 16 miles on that you get a good taste of the head wind for 8 miles and then you turn around for the headwind. I passed a lot of people during most of the bike. The last 16 miles were totally in to the headwind with the last being bridges to climb with the wind against. This was the hardest part of the bike as the temperature began to rise up by this time it was 11 AM and in the Caribbean is the sun is out you know is a hot day.

T2= 3:01
It was hot and I knew the run was going to be carnage

Run goal knowing the course and the conditions was Survive and avoid walking
Run = 1:57:04
I had run this course before probably more than 50 times. I am not joking, the problem none of them before riding 56 miles. I knew it will be tough because of the small but steep hills. I began running well but once you get to run near El Morro fort were there is no shadow no people, only you the bay the sun and athletes. After this part you climb back up in what I consider is the most difficult part of the course this 400 meter steep hill kills you. From there is all survival mode and do the loop again. This is a tough run course that is all what I can say is hard and you have to be ready for it. I thought I was ready for it but I wasn’t.

Total Time = 5:28:37 Total 266 of 1195 AG 38 of 138

Honestly I don’t remember much as did race was 6 month ago. On the bike I used Infinit but do not remember the amounts. On the run I took water Gatorade and some gels but I struggle on the course. So may be the coke indeed work.

Post Race Lessons
This was a good early season race. The weather will be tough because you are training for 4 moths on the 40’s. In my opinion this is a most do race the bike course next to the beach. Then with mix colors of the houses is amazing. In terms of performance I guess I might do more training runs on the tread mill to simulate the course especially on the bricks workout. On the bike practice more the aero position on the trainer and focus on power.

With Geoffrey Kennedy who is triathlete and qualified for Kona and is heading over there in 6 weeks. Really great guy and super athelete

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