Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nations Triathlon race report

This weekend I completed the Nations Triathlon.
Race morning
I woke up at 5 drove to DC and walked to muddy transition. it was packed and getting in was hard. Once I got in I set up everything and went out for a 10 minute run.
The swim got cancel.

So it was a bike start. Already knowing this my main goal was to do it as a training ride and complete it safely. Competitors entered in groups of 15 every 10 seconds to a muddy transition. Wearing a helmet was aloud so you could just grab your bike go. I did not took advantage of this because I preferred to do a 10 minute run warm up. Running bare foot with an aero helmet is not that fun. I was in the 5th wave but some how I mange to sneak in and began with the last of the 4th. wave. I ran got in to my bike it was really muddy so you had to be careful not slip. Got in my bike and the first mile was really dangerous as you have a lot of people trying to pass each other. Once the road opened was easier to get going and pass people I began passing a lot of people going especially on the inclines. The course was really packed and riding and passing was dangerous. I would say that I try to stay as honest as possible and avoid draft packs for the first 20 km. After the turn around a little bit after the 20k mark. The packs began forming. I will pass them on the up hills just to get passed again on the down hills I just the decided to let them ride and stayed on the back, for the 16 KM this was my ride on the back of the pack going 24 25 mph avg 130 watts and feeling effort less. The races turn in to a weekend ride or a tour or what ever your want to call it. The last 4 k the road opened a little bit and the big pack spread a little bit I was able to pass a few more people just before the dismount area which also turn out to be mayhem.

T1= 1:30
Bike= official 1:06:17 Garmin 01:05:21 the reason for this is that you had to walk with your bike through muddy grass to hit the timing mats.
Distance 40 km or 24.9 miles
Avg. speed 22.9 MPH
Avg. HR 168
Avg. Watts 200
Avg.cadence 84

The transition went smoothly put on my shoes and went for the run.
T2= 1:59

The run has been coming back to me lately it wasn’t that hot. My goal clearly was to go under 44 minutes on a perfect race. I started and immediately was able to set an around 7 minute mile pace. I began passing a lot of people specially the drafters of the bikes. Mile 2 had the only hill of the course right in front of the Washington Memorial. After the hill I just settle on a pace stay behind a guy that was going about my pace and rolled. I hit the 5k mark 21:50 and I said to my self another 1 like that and you have 23:40. I felt that the last 5 k will be better as I do a lot of my training on KM 5 , 6, 7, 8 I kept up my pace and when I hit the mile 5 marker I began pushing a little bit just to hit the last mile under 7. I focus on my form and push, when I was approaching mile 6 I saw the finish line and I knew that course was short. I was disappointed that it was 6.02 miles instead of 6.2 or a 10k. I would have a pr 10k of the bike.

Run Stats
Official= 42:32 Garmin = 42:32 on 6 miles course was short by .2 or 400 meters
Splits= 7:06, 7:00, 7:04, 7:04, 7:08, 6:57
Avg HR= 175 max 187

Final time= 01:52:25 age group 86/407 top 21.1% males 374/2423 top 15.4% overall 396/3879 top 10.2%

Nutrition= race morning 3 slices of toasted Bread with butter, a banana and 2 big spoons of Peanut butter, water. Before the race water on the drive and 2 cliff blocks(100 calories). On the bike 24 oz of Infinit(300 calories). On the run, water and Gatorade at every aid station. (100-200 calories).

Race lessons
I should have my helmet on when I ran in to T1. I should have carried my bike going in and out of transition. My bike split and my official time would have been a minute faster. I pr on both the bike and the run. How ever I don’t consider the bike split a pr due the drafting. If I would have been alone then the story is different. I do consider my run a pr as I was running really good and strong. The run gave me a lot of motivation entering the off season. I accomplished the goal of qualifying for the nationals at Vermont next year .I finished in the top 21% and needed to be under 33%. Now I can begin to figure out what I am doing for 2012. Thanks for stopping by

Not many pictures but a video of the race take a look a the mess on the bike


TJ said...

That looked like chaos. Good work qualifying for nationals. -- TJ

Ironman said...

Go a head champion... Muy buen artículo...!!!