Thursday, August 11, 2011

The 2010 Season recap part 1

After closing out the 2009 season with a great Ironman debut I hoped 2010 will be the season to get fast improve my ½ ironman times and qualify for the ITU long distance championship that would be in Vegas 2011. Well how wrong I was about improving when elements out of your control appear in all the important races.

I did the National ½ marathon on March 2010. I PR there with a 1:36:10 I knew My training was going in the right direction.

On April 2010 I went to Richmond and did the Duathlon Nationals. It was my 3rd year doing it so I knew the race was tough. It was modified to a 5k 40k and 5k my time was 1:59:39. I was satisfied with my performance as I felt strong on the bike. May be not running a 10 k have something to do with that.

Football legend

On June 2010 I did Eagleman 70.3. This race is the local ½ ironman for most of the people that live in the mid-Atlantic region. It has been going for more than 20 years. The race for me had a lot of trouble. First the swim was off by 200 or 300 meters due to the night tide moving the floaters. I swam 45 minutes and already wondering why so slow. The bike was fast and flat the wind only appeared during the last 10 miles of it. My time was 2:41:54. By the end of the bike the temp was close to a 100. I could feel the heat just in transition. By the start of the run I knew that it will be a carnage out there. So I just focused on finishing. My run was 2:08:39 My total time was 5:41:50.

After the bike

After this race I was disappointed but I learned that you can control neither the weather nor the tides. I did 30 minutes slower that what I anticipated. From this race my total focus now was the Myrtle Beach ½ iron race that was on October.

With Terenzo getting motivation after the race

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