Monday, August 15, 2011

The 2010 Season recap part Deux

With IM 2010 champ

On August I had to do a last minute trip to Boston to visit my brother. I was able to get in on sprint race up there. It was ½ mile swim (14:56) 12.4 mile bike (35:53) and a 4.4 mile run (31:26) Total 1:25:08. I had a great time up there like the race site and loved the weather.

On October I went to Myrtle beach SC to do the HalfMax –Myrtle Beach tri. I was hoping to see if I can qualify for the ITU long distance champs in Vegas. How wrong I was. The swim got cancel in the mooring due to high bacteria count on the intercostal. In my mind I said ok another disaster is approaching. The make a TT start straight to the bike. After being sit for almost over an hour I went on the bike and you can imagine how my legs felt. It took a while to get my legs going and finally when my legs felt ok boom!!! Flat tire!!! There I was totally out of the race I blew up 2 CO 2 cartridges. After almost 40 minutes a lot of debate in my mind to continue or to call it a day decided to continue and do it as training. I finished the bike on 3:34:04. I went to the run and did it as a good training. I finished 1:51:18. After this I was really frustrated. Everything went wrong but at least I finished and had a good time. Side note the field turn out to be really competitive on all Age Group so if it would have turn in to a great day for me I probably would not have make it or maybe on the last spot but I would never know.

Late October I was heading south to do the Miami 70.3. I sign to this race back in December 2009, I was wasted post IM celebrations and to do it with one of my best Friend. I was looking forward to take revenge after the disaster on Myrtle Beach earlier on the month. How wrong I was again. The Miami venue was great but on the day of checking the bike they didn’t have enough bike racks so you could smell something was wrong. They told to leave the bike on the corners.

The next day bike was in proper place. My wave was one of the last 1’s so I was able to watch the pros swim. The pros began coming out of the water around 30 minutes so I knew it was another long swim just as eagleman. I began the swim and mentally was prepare to pass people up to 5 wave ahead of me. I came out of the water in 42:52. The bike was flat and fast but after mile 15 the rest of the water station ran out of water and everything. Normally I put my own sport drink with me on the bike and I get water at the aid stations. The Aid stations ran out of water and everything before I got there. After mile 40 I began to struggle because I couldn’t take my sport drink any more because was to concentrate. I normally use the water of the aid station for that but without water I had a huge problem. So the last 16 miles was battle to survive and avoid the drafting packs. My bike split 2:43:46 considering the conditions I was ok with it. In T2 I left a full water bottle that was like an oasis in the desert. I drank it completely. The run began with the joke that the first water station was without water again. From there I knew getting water in the run will be tough. I manage to get water through the course thanks to my special some 1. The run was brutal. It was climbing a bridge 8 times yes a nice big bridge that was open to the traffic. It was bad really bad. Finally I finished that tough run in 2:02:14 for a total time of 5:34:57. This race was consider 1 of the top races in the world as it attracted people from all South America and Europe. It was bad run period really bad. At least WTC was aware of this and gave a free entry to any 70.3 race in North America that the participant wanted which actually was ok.

If something the 2010 season taught me is that be prepare for any situation outside your control and have a plan A, B or C.

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