Wednesday, April 7, 2010

National 1/2 marathon race report

I ran this race last year and I really like it. It is well organize have minimum qualification standard and has not yet get out of control. Is also a good fitness test for the beginning of the season.

On Friday afternoon I went to pick up the bib#. Was my birthday but didn’t do anything because of the race the next day. I chill out the rest of the day. The temp was great and after the extreme cold winter that we had in the DC area. Felt good to have warm weather again.
On Saturday wake up at 4:30 Am took bread and peanut butter as usual and head down to Estadio RFK. Weather was close to 60 and clear. Did bag check and went to the bathroom twice inside armory. Stretch warm up and went out to my corral which was the first 1 after the elites.

Gun sounded and there I was running the first race of the year . The first 4 miles of the race is flat. For the First 3 miles I felt without rhythm and I was struggling with my breathing. Once I hit the first hill I started filling better. Mile 4 to 6 1/2 hilly. Once I pass the 10k I felt really good. Found my rhythm and breathing. Miles 7 to 13 are a few minor rollers up and down. I was feeling great. I passed mile 8 and 10 in PR pace. By mile 10 I knew I had a pr on less I blow up my self. Next 3 miles I was passing people but I began feel the race. I was trying just to keep up. The last 400 meter of the race had a nice incline that slow me down. From there I just cruise to the finish line.
I cross the finish line I was really happy and exhausted. I pr by 3 minutes form last year and I knew I was in good shape for tri season that is coming.

After the race my plan was to have brunch and mimosa with some friends but my stomach betray me and instead was headed home with stomach cramps and diarrhea that lasted for 3 hours. So my bday celebration was cancel. I celebrated the next day.

The stats 1:36:31 Age group 61 – 452 Pr by 3 minutes.

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Rainmaker said...

3 minutes is a pretty substantial PR - very nicely done!