Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 !!! I am Back

Sorry for the absence but my Laptop charger didn't make it to 2010. The first 6 days of 2010 I went home and spend a lot of quality time with my family. I also resume training with a couple of runs and a lot of eating good stuff.
I came back the 6th and began planning 2010 in every aspect. I also order a new charger for my laptop that arrive today. My HR monitor didn't make it to 2010 either so I had to order another 1. Other than the above 2010 have began great for me. Work is great and training also is good the 2010 season is set for most of it. The 2010 goals/ resolutions / themes or how ever you want to call them are almost set. I will be blogging soon, hopefully this weekend and a 2010 season update will come soon too not major changes but is set.

I am going to bed now yes is Friday but .....I am looser jajaja
Happy 2010 and enjoy the NFL Playoffs Like the Ravens and the Vikings and watch out for the cardinals

good night

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