Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Goals

Instead of calling them resolutions I will be calling them goals because sound and least for me is more challenging.

Triathlon related: break 5 hours on the 70.3 and 40 minutes on 10k

Financially: Reduce 1/2 of my credit card debts and try to cancel 1. I have 3. This is what happens when you do an Ironman. Try to save more than 2009.

Professionally: grow more at my job which I like, I should be managing 2 persons beginning in February, organize my desk at least once a month not once a year and pass an exam that I might take in the spring or fall.

Intellectually: try to read a book monthly and I will be taking a writing course at my work so I can learn something new.

Traveling: try to go to a country outside the US territories are included. So a different country. I have 2 of my best friends in Europe 1 in Barcelona, Spain and the other in Manchester England. Maybe I should begin around those 2 places. This one will be tough because I really have to administrate $$$ so this 1 will be a bonus. If it happens will be late in the year

Help random people in anything they might need. like carrying bags or helping cross the street

Hope 2010 goes well for everybody


Lacey Nicole said...

great goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ambitious and practical!! :) happy 2010!

writing class sounds awesome. i hope to get back into school for the fall to further my education/professional goals.

Rainmaker said...

Very nice list. I like how you have different buckets to focus on in life, not just all sports related. Well done!

Tri-ing Fat Man said...

If I could make a recommendation on the credit cards . . .

Do pay them down and off if you are able to, but DO NOT cancel any of them. Canceling any of them will reduce your credit score.

Keep the credit cards and don't use them or pay them in full at the end of the month.

NOW - If you don't have the self control to pay them down to zero AND not jack them back up, then by all means cancel it!

Good luck and keep on keep'n on!