Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bye 2009 wellcome 2010 , bye 00's wellcome 10's

Yes to 2009 is almost over. It has been a growing year for me. I switch jobs at the beginning of the year and I feel I have grow as a professional. I got a new car too. Did and Ironman and Improve all around in the sports triathlon. Negative is the fact also that my credit card has increase significantly due a new car, moving from VA to MD and IM expenses. But over all it has been a great year.
2010 should be even better. Resolutions Goals or themes will be for my next post.

But also this decade is gone a lot of memories and changes have happened. DID you remember the new millennium stuff and the Y2J crap. seems like yesterday.I fact 10 years ago Did you ever imagine doing what you are doing now I am not 1 of those. I was my first decade as a grown up. I have so many adventures that I hope this decade bring them higher

Happy New years Happy 2010 and Happy decade.
For those runners triathlete swimmers and cyclist.
fast times and be injury free


Shannon said...

Happy New Year Eric! Happy Racing.

Rainmaker said...

Happy New Year, and good luck to a great year of racing!