Friday, July 3, 2009

Montclair race reprot

I know this late but work training and laziness kept me from posting it.
This Race was suppose to be my first race of the year but with the appearance of the ITU race became the 2nd.It was a setup events race so I knew the logistic were going to be a problem parking 2 miles form the Transition area getting the number a huge 20 minute line, 10 portopelly for 600 know.
1 good thing was that the place were my bike was the last rack and the last row so it was easy coming of the swim.
swim 1000 bike 20 miles run 5 miles
The swim was non wetsuit as water was 85 began decently crowded but I was with people so I was feeling good on the turn around I saw some people that I knew they are good around my goal so I try to stay with them all of the sudden for some stupid reason I forgot to spot them and instead spotted the floater and began going toward it the problem was that I spotted the wrong 1 and began swimming towards the start when I noticed this I was away from the pack I swam back but was behind I think I lost a few second on this my time was 20:14 I was out of the water in 20 so not bad a little bit behind my expectations but no bad compare to last year
T1 went nice and smooth as I was on the last rack and I didn't have to wetsuit
T1 1:32

The bike started on a nice hill before going on the loops my computer didnt work so I just smashed there were to nice hills 1 that little by little were you down I passed a lot of people It went a smooth although my legs felt tired may be from last week.
The time was 53:05 for 22.6 MPH (PR)

T2 was easy as 1:07
Run the Run began on a nice hill (same as the bike) I just when there easy on the hill and then began pushing it then different form last year there was a trail part that caught me offguard I took it easy as I wasn't sure of the terrain. This cost me like 30 seconds then you hit the start hill so you slow down.after that I pushed hard till the end.the final time 37:10 for a 7:26 pace

Total time 1:53:06
Overall improve on everything compare to last year and a total time of 13 minutes
Finished 10th on my age group 30-34 so not bad. It hard on the body race back to back weekend but the effort was good so I was really satisfy with my performance. Although the swim need a little bit of improvement but that will come with time
Swim 20:14
T1 1:32
bike 53:05
T2 53:05
Run 37:10
total 1:53:06


Lacey Nicole said...

eric- congrats!!!! i love all the pictures!!! did your GF take those for you?! you put your shoes on WHILE you are on the bike?! oh my goodness. seriously, you did awesome- all the improvement from last year AND your bike PR AND a fast finish with the run-- wow!!!! your training is paying off!!!! i am so impressed any of those is tough enough on it's own but all 3 :)

RunnerDude said...

Great race man! Congrats!

Rainmaker said...

Your improvements week after week are pretty darn impressive. Keep it up! Oh, and very nice looking ride. :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Congratulations on your race, wow!!!! Great job!

I love that shot of you putting on your shoes while getting on the bike...I always wondered how that's done! Excelente!

CTDeportes said...


FELICITACIONES. ¡¡¡Tiempazos!!! Las fotos son muy buenas (hermosa bicicleta).