Sunday, July 5, 2009

Global ride video review

A few months ago I got contacted by Global Ride to see if I can do review of their training videos from Hawaii.I agree to do it. This training series contains 3 videos.Stren Durance, Oceanside ride and Maui Rollers. Each one have a different type of training purpose. Let see how their look.

Each video begins with a screen like this

It ask you music or no music or the bonus section of each video (more on this later) What ever you decide brings you this

If you decide coaching is up to you but if you decide it this are your options

You decide which language you want.
The only nos so good about this is that at least on my tv is hard to understand coaching with the music but again I don't have a surround system or a home theater to play with it. one or the other is better and you understand it perfectly.

The first video is stren endurance and is coach by pro Matt Reed who I met a few weeks ago. The video show different type of terrains and basicalay you have to hold your cadence in all of them the views of different parts like Lahaina and the Maui cliff climbs are awesome. This is a great video for off season training or a rainy day that you want to do a solid workout.

The Second Oceanside Ride the footage of the beach are so great that honestly at least for me is hard to concentrate on the coaching. It is coach by Australian Nicci Heath who is a level 1 coach in Aussie land a Grade A Elite division racer. Just to say this is my favorite video of the 3 beacuse on the footage.

The Third one is Maui rollers well I call big hills this a good one in terms of a good hill workout trust me you pay the price. Is coached by Gene Nacey who is the founder of global ride and a spinning coach. The footage take on a nice Tropical Rain Forrest with some rain and a lot of vegetation. really nice.

All this videos end with some nice photos shot that the global ride have taken during they adventures is worth of seeing them while you cool down.

Each of this 3 videos contains a bonus section that include pilates, yoga and strength training for cyclist. Honestly I love the Pilates and Yoga section because I am a lacy to do this. This 2 bonus section have helped me a lot in term of flexibility and core strength they have become part of my weekly training. As for the strength training I wait for the off season to do it and let you know how its work.

Other uses that you can do with this videos if you ever have a cold winter party with friends over your house you can put them as part of the decoration while you host, it will remind everyone to take a vacation soon and forget about the winter

Over all the 3 videos are great they will help you improve over the offseaon at least for me the bonus sections are a plus and they do work in matter of weeks.
I highly recommend this product if you want to improve and forget about the winter in the offseason.

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Rainmaker said...

Very cool stuff, certainly a lot bettter than a boring ride indeed. I've used similiar products in the past, and they do make the time to by SOOO much faster.