Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current Events

I have been training a lot this days. Nothing new

The Tour of France is up rolling and is going to be awesome and Contador who is the best in the world will be screwed by Lance. Don’t get me wrong I am big fan of Lance and I am hoping the best for him but base on yesterday actions I have that feeling.

Copa Libertadores Final is set Between Cruzeiro( Brazil) and Estudiantes (Argetina) will define who is the best team in this side of the world. Yes They are way much better than teams from MLS and Mexico. Next 2 Wednesday you should follow this games, Fox sports will be broadcasting. At 8:30

For those basketball fan there is 19 and under world championship going right now in New Zeland. The level of play is really good. Argentina Australia and USA should be the top 3. Go to FIBA.com to watch highlights.

Volleyball fans, beach volleyball AVP and Fivb tournaments are in full force and thanks To NBC Universal sports the true fans are enjoying a lot of games. Indoors the World league continues every weekend with matches throughout the world. Brazil as usual is 1 step up the rest. This week also world qualifier begins in Puerto Rico both men’s and women with PR Canada and Mexico. PR should advance easily in both.

The Honduras situation is really bad. I am in favor of Zelaya and I think the USA should back him more but of course since the right did the bad thing the have not be that outspoken about it. They are with Zelaya but not totally outspoken about it.

Finally Michel Jackson was a great artist probably the best of all time. But he did a lot of wrong things. I don’t totally think that there are more important stuff on the world right now than having all the news covering his memorial service.

Happy Tuesday

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