Friday, June 19, 2009

Racing Weekend 1 of 2

Ok so I am racing this weekend at the ITU dextro energy stop at Washington DC. There is a lot of hype about this race because all the ITU top guns are going to be on the start. Javire Gomez Simon Wintfield, Brad Dougtherty Jan Fordeno, The Russian and French guys plus the USA athlete Andy Potts Jarod Shoemaker Matt reed Huntler Kempler among others. Same Story with the women . This race will begin at 9:00 am men’s women 11:00 AM and they will be live on the web ITU web site and NBC Universal.

But before them there is going to be an age group Olympic and sprint race beginning at 6:am. I will be doing the Olympic. This is my first race of the season and it will let me know how my fitness level is. I have done a few Olympic races but always with the * that distance are not well measure are longer or shorter. This being an ITU race I assume that distance should be well measure. And as any athlete I have goals for this race

Goal 1 is finish the race in 1 piece
Goal 2 break 2:30 as I have never broke 2:30 on an Olympic race I have been around the 2:31- 2:33.
Goal 3 If I have a solid race be around the 2:25, This is a long shot as I have the perfect race in all 3 disciplines plus good transitions and that something that is not under your control. For example is T1 is a run from the river to the bike of around 400mts you know your t1 is going to be at least of 2:30 minutes. So will see.

I don’t put on age group goal as I think that’s relative because it matter more of how competitive the field is and how is your experience. This should be done by points or categories just like cycling. But USAT have other things in mind. Don’t know what.

So I don’t care what my age group place will be, What I care is about improving my performance.

Sunday afternoon Italy plays Brazil at 2:30 so that should be a good soccer to chill out with a beer and recover from the race.

Have a great weekend and good luck to everybody who is racing

Next weekend race Montclair


Lacey Nicole said...

Sounds Fun!!!! good luck! enjoy it :)

Rainmaker said...

Nice seeing ya down there - good luck tomorrow!

Lacey Nicole said...

i tried to watch the video but i think you need to be registered. thanks again for the comment on my blog-- seriously- I need you to sit on my shoulder when I do these runs!!!! you really identified what i worry about-- running slower to have an easy day that my pace will get slower overall. i guess i need to trust the easy days. i should make a little sign and put it in my bedroom.