Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ITU race report

ITU race report
This will be the first of 2 report the actual race and the highlights of the weekend will be the 2nd
My race

A lot of speculation has be going about the swim but I always was confident about the swim was happening.

I was in wave 3. I was able to be 1 of the first one on the water and try to spot my self as far right as possible in order to avoid congestion. The swim started and it was packed but not that bad. The water temp was 72 degrees not to bad. This swim was slow in general because the visibility was hard inside the water and out side too at least me couldn’t spot the turnaround. I was feeling good as I passed a lot yellow caps. I came out of the water feeling good I checked the watch and said 27:47 I was ok with the time but not totally happy until I watched the pro race and they swam slow also then I knew it was a slow swim. Time 28:02

The T1 was a little bit slow as you have to run 150 meter to be at the bikes and I had and issue with the wetsuit as it get stock on the side of my leg where my chip was. Once solve the issue I was ok to go the time 2:22

The bike was great as we can ride through all the Dc street without a single car that was great I was feeling great and I thought that I should be able to broke 1:12 that was my projected goal. When I did the 1st loop and saw that my time was in the high 33 minutes I knew I was having a great ride I continue to push on the 2nd and maintain the pace as I new I had it in the last ½ mile I decided to spin since I knew I had the time already and start getting my legs for the run. Think it was a smart decision as I have read about it
Time 1:09:02
The T2 was fast nothing major happened 1:14

The run went great I let the body get come back from the bike ride on mile 1 and then went business on mile 2 the next 3 miles I was pushing and feeling good around mile 4 I had slide cramp on my left calf so I decided not push and just keep the pace I continue on I hit Pennsylvania avenue I was a little bit tier I have give out my best effort and decide to cruise a s I checked the watch and I knew I was doing a PR by a lot of minutes and have accomplished all my goals. Run time 44:15
My final time was 2:24:58
As I checked the time at the website I got a penalty on for positioning so if you want add me 2 minutes. I guess I was trying to avoid drafting or the Marshall decided that on a crowded road of bike you can’t stay on the ride t much If you want add the penalty add it I am not as I was trying to avoid drafting and staying legal.

The race was a great performance for me in terms of my fitness level how my times has been on the training sessions. I thought could swim faster but as I saw also a lot of slow swim times so I guess it was a slow swim even for the elites. My coach was really happy with my performance and all my goals were accomplish. This was my first real tri of the season ( I did a training Tri 2 weeks ago but I don’t count that.) I was really satisfied with my performance. Next Sunday I will be at Montclair tri that is a small tri in a residential area in the suburbs of VA. I will write the goals on Fridays

Swim 28:02
T 1 2:22
Bike 1:09:02
T2 1:14
Run 44:15
Penalty 2 minutes
Age group 15/40
Gender 95/270

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Rainmaker said...

Wow man, you completely destroyed that race. Awesome, awesome job!