Wednesday, June 24, 2009

highlight weekend

There was a pro race here and that means all the Elite athletes of the triathlon world were at DC. Every time I know that a pro team is here specially one that I like I find were they are staying and try to know them after all here they are not celebrities as in their countries. So The elite triathlete were no exception so I went on the goal to meet as many as I can.

Let the pictures tell you how was it
Athletes javier gomez Brownlee, german USA Matt Reed Huntler kempler Andy Post and Brzilian Reinldo Coluci, The mayor of DC Adrian Fently and of course me


Lacey Nicole said...

wow! what a weekend! and you got GREAT pictures!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing :)

Rainmaker said...

Holy cow dude, you were gettin' around! Wow, you saw everyone!