Friday, April 17, 2009

Training weekend

This weekend the plan is to put solid training hours with run and swimming on Saturday and Bike and a quick 20 minute run after .

The NBA playoffs begin and are going to be interesting to watch some series before Cleveland and LA meet in the Finals. Watch Portland play should be interesting and the San Antonio Dallas series too.

This weekend the Classic of the argentine soccer league will be play when Boca Jrs plays River Plate. The game is Sunday at 3 on Fox sports in Spanish I ll be at my usual bar watching it.

Next week will be resting and getting ready for the Nationals Duathlons.

Have good weekend everybody and feel free to check my updates at tweeter

Good luck to all the people running at Boston on Monday should be a good 1. I ll did it once but I told to my self that the only way I’ll come back is if I qualified. So until then I watch it on TV. MY GF have a better chance of qualifying more than me right now


tfh said...

Have a great weekend! I wish I had any chance of qualifying...

Rainmaker said...

Have a good weekend and enjoy the training and the taper!