Tuesday, April 21, 2009

recovery week

I took this from an article (Yahoo; Forget the Author)
It’s call 10 tips of how to live 100 years or more do this and with a little help of your family gens you can make it.
1. Don't retire.
2. Floss every day.
3. Move around.
4. Eat a fiber-rich cereal for breakfast..
5. Get at least six hours of shut-eye.
6. Consume whole foods, not supplements.
7. Be less neurotic.
8. Live like a Seventh Day Adventist.
9. Be a creature of habit.
10. Stay connected.
Which remind me that I am 30. 3 out of my 4 grand parents are, alive well technically. So I am on a good pace. I said technically because my grandmother have been on a bed for 10 years due to Alzheimer .
My grandfather is 98 but think he 25
My grandmother 92 but have Alzheimer, she is lying on a bed only breath that eat (Yes I know ia sad).
My Grand mother is 85 she is find recovering from a disease but every now and then like to get a beer.
My grand father pass away 60 years ago due to heart attack so not even my dad met his real father.
So 3 out of 4 give me a good chance o achieving 100 year mark. I need to work on #2 flushing my teeth everyday. Training went great this weekend 14 miles on Sat and 2500 yds. On Sunday 63 mile bike ride.
This week recovery week and getting ready for the National Duathlon which I am exciting but with no high speciation. On Thursday or Friday I will recap about it


Lacey Nicole said...

be less neurotic!!!! that is my fave :) great list :) i floss- hooray! this was a new year's resolution of mine awhile back and it really stuck. has made all my trips to the dentist much more pleasant :)

Shannon said...

Sounds like great tips and follow the majority of them. You and me racing till were 100 sounds good to me.

Rainmaker said...

Dang dude - 63 miles? That's pretty hardcore. Awesome.