Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AVG week

So I am back a week later. Basically my life is work which I love 80% of the time, nothing is perfect you know and there are unpleasant times. Training which is a lot this day. And the normal for everybody else eating sleeping ect. Training is going great I am improving little by little on my fitness. Some days are great others are harder or not as good. My first race is coming in 10 days and is the national duathlon. So far the weather is looking to be great. I am doing this race because of the gadgets that USAT were giving for the price. If the weather is good then I will think about improvement. Supposedly they switch the bike course to be friendlier and less technical. Will see about that as last year course was extremely technical and with pouring rain you can imagine how hard it was. I keep you posted on my race goals when time approaching.

Tonight for those who have universal sports there will be triathlon from 7 to 10 so you can enjoy your self at prime time and that does not happen very often.

NBA playoffs are coming can the Celtics repeat?? Doubtful Can Cleveland make it all the way?? As Knick fan that will reduce the chances of landing Lebron in 2010 so all Knicks fans like me doesn’t want that. Can some body beat LA out west???? Doubtful and with Bynum Kobe and Gasol together with last year experience LA look solid. (I am not an LA fan).

The Pirates situation in the Indian Ocean dosen’t look good

Have a great Wednesday

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Rainmaker said...

Sweet - that's awesome - less than 10 days, you must be pumped!