Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have been a bad blogger is my first post almost in 10 days. I have been really busy with training and work.
The NCAA Tournament came to an end last night and I finished last in one poll and almost last in the other. Why? Because I pike Memphis to win and didn’t expect UNC to play that near Perfect. A minor detail that I am going to be considering for now on is travelling. Villanova and UNC played 2 rounds at their home floor or just a few mile form their campus and honestly that’s an advantage because instead of making 3 trips, they made 2 both team went the Final 4. I remember 3 years ago when George Mason made it to the Final 4 they played 2 rounds at Verizon center traveling for them was basically 20 miles.

Today and tomorrow there is Champions league quarter finals action with 2 games each day. Villareal (Spain) vs Arsenal and Manchester United vs Porto and the big one Barcelona vs Bayern Munich and Chelsea vs Liver pool. 2nd leg game are next week.

Training is going good. My fitness is improving at all levels I am expending a lot of time practicing all 3 disciplines but results are starting to show. I am really excited about this season to see how much I can improve. But training with a coach has give me some guidance a nice periodiazation of training and learning my HR zone and putting them in 2 practice

My racing schedule is suffering a change. As you may know there is and ITU race stop at Washington DC June 21st and they added an age group race. So hopefully I will sign for this one as registration begins tomorrow. Doing this race is going to make drop the ½ iron distance race at Morgantown WV due $$$$$$.
I probably will do the North East triathlon at MD as apparently it has been selected the USAT-Mid-Atlantic region club championship. Until a final announcement is made this race is on hold.

If you don’t have anything to do and like soccer put Foxsoccer chanel or telefutura at 10 pm to watch the PR Islanders vs Cruz Azul on the 2nd leg of the CONCACAF champions league semifinal. If my team wins and it would be history so I ll be watching it.

Have a great week and hope your as happy as me that the cold days are over


Rainmaker said...

Sounds like training is good, that's awesome!

I'm with you on the schedules changes to add the ITU race. I'm super-pumped about that. WoohoO!

Shannon said...

Cold days ARE over...hopefully.....

I was just thinking the other day, "What's up with my brotha Eric?" Glad your back.