Friday, February 27, 2009

transition weekend

How nice is out side the bad news is going to get bad ... grrrr
This weekend is transition for me as on Monday I begin a new adventure (job). A lot of changes are going to be made as my commute will double in time from 40- 45 minutes 1h10 - 1h 20 at least until I get a car (more on this topic on another post). This mean I have to structure my self more. All this take time so this weekend is for that. Also I ll be getting some guidance on my triathlon training to achieve my time goals at the 2009 season. Since I already achieved one of NY resolution that was getting a new job, time to start working on the other ones that are tri relating lowering or canceling or credit card debt and finish something that have take me more than usual to do (writing). Hopefully all this will begin to take shape this weekend.
Hopefully on Sunday I will put 14 miles in preparation for the 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks. Hope the weather is not to bad. Saturday I have a friend birthday at LA TASCA if he haven't change his mind so I have to go.
Sounds like a busy weekend

Here is a picture were one of my favorite teams the PR Islanders beat Marathon from Honduras 2-1 in the CONCACAF champions cup Yesterday. the return game is on Wednesday


tfh said...

A new job is always exciting. Over an hour commute each way?

Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Good luck with the transition.

46.1 this morning, warming up?

Rainmaker said...

My advice for tomrorow is get on the road running before mid-afternoon. Otherwise you'll be a snow leopard.