Thursday, February 26, 2009

Backwards TIaRT

So today Is Backwards for TIART
My question is simple In order to qualify for Boston at my age-group that is 34 and under that is 3:10 how do you improve your running In a decent amount of time (between 8 and 10 month? My PR are 10k 43:30 13.1 1:40:36 & 26.2 3:43. I am looking for efficient trainings.

Yesterday went for a run and hit the gym for a good upper body work out
Today bike trainer day

Happy Thursday


tfh said...

That 3:10 is TOUGH. Good luck!

Lacey Nicole said...

really tough qualifying time!!! your current PRs are great times. i think practice! the more times you try at it the closer you'll be. but efficient practice, too, so you don't kill yourself. increase your mileage?

ThatGirlRuns said...

My suggestion is that you start running with people who are faster than you. It has helped me in the past and during my training to qualify.

Rainmaker said...

It's all about running long and slow. Building a huge long/slow base during the winter months and then apply speed later on.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Thanks for participating in TIaRT! While I can't help you with the advice, I know a few people who can. You may want to drop by the profiles of Tom, MarathonDudeBill, CymruSteve at Runners Lounge...just to name a few ...they might have a few tricks on how to lower your time as they have done it before.