Monday, January 26, 2009

Nice weekend

This weekend started warm but ended really cold. On Friday I put a nice run tempo effort to get me going 3 miles in 22:30. Then I hit the bike for 30 minute cool down. It was a warm 55 Friday.
On Saturday the cold and the wind strike again with 20 to 30 mile wild gust. My plan was to go out and do an easy light 2 hour bike ride. But the wind had other plans basically if I took to easy the wind didn't aloud me to move. So after a battle with the wind I decided to call a day at the 1:30 time. and yes for only 21 mile. I felt like crap. On Sunday I went out on the cold for a 10 mile run. Was a great run as it was done in 1:32 for a nice easy pace. Then I hit the bike for a 30 minute cool down. I ate a lot at night with the gf.

For today I plan to go the pool if the cold aloud me and the supposely snow that is coming too.

I said supposedly because we haven't have any snow accumulation. I had been extremley cold with out rain or snow weird.

On Bolivia a referendum to change the constitution won. Another victory for a left government.

Happy Monday


tfh said...

Hope you can get to the pool today-- it didn't feel so cold to me, but I'm hoping the snow stays away. Happy Monday!

Rainmaker said...

Hope you get better soon!