Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Tuesday

Its snowing, is a mess and cars are slippery all over. Oh I forgot is cold and is going to get worst.

Yesterday I went to the pool and had a solid workout so solid that I was impress. Not because was hard but because is really early and I was not expecting to swim this good this early. The workout was 500 to warm up @ 9:47, 300 kick another 500 @9:50 1minute rest another 500 @ 9:44, 1 minute rest 1 last 500 @ 9:50 200 kick to cool down. It was nice.

Today I am going to bike and the gym of course everything will be indoors because is a mess outside.

Bolivia has a new Constitution.
The only 1st world country that is no having a economic trouble is France I wonder why maybe have to do something with left just maybe.

My 2009 season is almost set hopefully by next week I will have it

Thats all for today try to stay warm.


Lacey Nicole said...

yikes we are going to get all our snow tomorrow, hopefully you don't have to drive too much!!! i hate losing the sidewalks... boo! makes running outside sooo dangerous cuz i'm in the roads all the time.

tfh said...

Great job on the swim! Looks like it stopped snowing...could it be true?

Shannon said...

Snow?!? Yuck, we have rain down south. I think it may get to 60 tomorrow, which is good because I have 9 to do tomorrow.

Rainmaker said...

It was a little mess this morning. But now...now it's just a massive (icy) mess. Stay safe!