Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday

Today is suppose to be hot 50 degree day. So cheers for that. I'll be running out side and then a cool down at the trainer. For the weekend will be a lot of training and hopefully will go and watch the movie El Argentino and El Che. They are 2 movies in one and that why it last 4 hours. Other than that this there is not much going in this cold weather. A few good college basketball games are up for these weekend.
February will be a better sport month.

Have a great weekend


Lacey Nicole said...

are you going to watch the superbowl? i'm not that into it but it's a good excuse to get some people together.

tfh said...

Enjoy the warm weather! Uh-oh-- college basketball games means I won't be able to get my husband off the couch all weekend!

Shannon said...

Getting ready to head out to a 56 degree day! Enjoy the movies, I expect a review. :)