Wednesday, December 3, 2008


On this cold days I don't get inspire to blog or anything. So if I sound bore you know why it is. It was 28 this mourning and for me that freezing cold. Yesterday I ran 6.3 mile including a 4.32 mile speed work out at 7:30 mile pace. This was my first speed work out since NY. So I was happy with the time. I finished a little bit touch but ok. My HR was reach a high of 198 so I put full effort. Today I am doing 6 or 7 miles easy at noon with my coworkers. My coworkers are 20 years older than me so they go out slow so that works out good for me as I do it as a recovery run. To night is time for some good Futbol as is the final game of copa surmericana.

In other notes if you or me goes bankrupt or start loosing money who is going to save us ... just wondering ..
with all the government rescues that have happened in the last months.. Do you know how much It can be done with that money ... Here are few things ...
7.400.000 schools
74.000 Hospital
25.840 Airbus A-380
1.480 Nuclear ships
14.800 Olympics stadium for Beijing
This is just a few things for people that really don't care about what you or me or the majority of the people are doing.
Happy Wednesday
On a late note get ready for party weekend at DC because the inauguration weekend bars are going to be open till 5am in the mourning... may be for a weekend I can go bad to my old habits yes because for me is a turn off that everything closes at 2:30 in the mourning.. sounds can of crazy but I was use to party from 1 am to 5 or 6 so I have never got use to party earlier ...
I am use to part


Lacey Nicole said...

i'm going to DC for the inauguration too!!!!!!!! it is going to be A ZOO! i don't know how the city is going to handle so many people. bars open til 5am?! eek. i'm such a grandma now and get tired at like 10pm... hehehe.

Rainmaker said...