Thursday, December 4, 2008

Make a wish

From TIART , make a wish. The purpose of this as they explain is "holiday season wish lists aren't just for kids. They are for runners too! In the spirit of the season in which anything is possible, share your running dream. Maybe it is a destination race or vacation/race package all in one. Or maybe it is meeting a running hero. For others it may be the chance to be a race director for your own race. Or maybe it is about making running easier or better for you or others. There are no limits - except your imagination and ability to dream." Having this I have short terms dreams, middle dreams, and long terms dreams. The immediately dream is to complete Ironman AZ next year in a good time around 11 hours will be ideally. The middle dream is to qualify for Boston before I turn 34.That is do 3:10 on marathon in 5 years. My long term dream would be opening a triathlon or running business or pursed a PHD in economic development, Public Policy or applied economics. This would be my dreams step by step.

Yesterday I ran 5.5 miles as a recovery run with my coworkers. It was in 50 minutes and they accuse me of pushing the pace. But I was following them. Today I am taking the day off so I can enjoy a free Thursday. I am going to meet with a friend.

The Christmas is just around the corner. for me is 19 more days till the warm weather
Happy Thursday

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tfh said...

It seems that once you have a wish or goal, you will definitely accomplish it! Lucky you to be going to a warmer climate for Christmas...