Friday, December 5, 2008

Happpy weekend

I have been busy at work lately so that why I am late today you know when your boss love u and give you a lot to solve. Training is going tot much but at least going. This weekend I plan to put 6 today bike tomorrow and 10 on Sunday plus a swim in one of those days. I have to trader joe's and Bj's because this how my refrigerator looks

As you can see I have no food. Since I am going to disappear in 17 days I have to buy enough not like crazy.
So hope everybody have great weekend and good training.
And about the job situation that all the sensationalist news are making an issue. Do some research on what type of jobs are the ones in bad shape and don't listen to the news at all. It has been a year now and now they are making an issue.
Happy weekend

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