Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December 1st

Today is Aids day so just to let you know
Is also December and Christmas is just around the corner and for me is go to warm weather. 22 days and counting.
Thanksgiving weekend was good on Wednesday I ran 7 miles, on Thursday I bike 30 miles and ran 3 then for desert I got M&M's and ate so much that couldn't go to bed until 5 am. On Friday I did not train. On Saturday I help a friend move so the carrying of stuff for 4 hours was my workout. On Sunday due to the rain I hit the trainer for 1 hour and then receive my GF that was out of town.
I join the USAT club challenge. The first month focus is swimming. So for this month I will try to hit the pool 3 to 4 times a week until I leave. Then I ll try to swim on the beach. In 2 weeks I run jingle all the way 10k so this week I will do some speed workouts to get ready for that.
Enjoy the Christmas month is always fun.
Happy Monday

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Rainmaker said...

Cool, I'm doing the USAT challenge as well - and the Jingle Bell 10K! Woot!