Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving evenly I am not a big fan of it

This just my opinion. We should give thanks every day not once a year. Just in case I am not a church person. Second why a lot us citizens in many parts of the world eats like pigs in Haiti or Somalia kid are are being kill due to hunger crisis. I am not saying that we don't celebrate I am just saying that have in perspective while you eat like pigs. Having said that enjoy the dinner or lunch and be thankful that you can eat while others eat dirt.

A lot of people have asking what I am doing and when I said nothing their reaction is a shock one. Well my family is at PR, have cousins in NJ and Miami, my gf is out of town, many of my friends too. So I just going to celebrated my way cooking some chicken, and doing a thank you bike ride and a thank you run for the fun of it. What better way to celebrate a thank you day doing 2 out of 3 things that you enjoy. I won't be swimming but who knows over the weekend maybe. Hope all the great people that I chat and know through the blogging community have a great thanksgiving and enjoy the meal.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Shannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving bro!