Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short week

This is a short week so is good because the weekend is really long ...I am happy ..In the post day of Ironman Arizona sign in I a feel really excited now comes the elaboration of plan and racing season that will come with conclusion of IM Arizona 2009.. Is going to be long road for it so I am going to try to take it by stages.. I am really happy and excited for this journey.
Since i was so excited yesterday I went for a 30 minute swim and a spining class thanks to a co worker that invited me as a guest to a life time fitness gym. Since is brand new have like 2 sets of pools 1 indoors and the other outdoors plus all the usual stuff of this type of gym. Was good.. Today I will go for and 1 hour run since temperature have warm a little 50 is better than 30 and may be then I hit the gym depending on how I am feeling.
Happy Tuesday

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Toni Jo said...

Have a great run!!! I'm so psyched for you to be doing the ironman... that is SERIOUS!