Monday, November 24, 2008

What ?????

Well as I promised, my second post of the day, this was my Christmas give for me, I know a month earlier but with a lot hard hiting the refreshing boton pressing, pressing and after 25 minutes trying really hard I manged to get in. With out any further I just want to led you know that I just sign in for this

May be I am knots crazy but if something that had to be done its destiny and I figure it out it was just the time and I have the chance
Have a great day


Shannon said...

Do it Bro, I know you'll do great.

CTDeportes said...

Excelente. Muchos éxitos. Estaré muy atento a tu entrenamiento. Espero seguir tus pasos muy pronto.

Un abrazo

Rainmaker said...

very nice! congrats on getting in.

tfh said...

What a Christmas gift! Congratulations on getting in.