Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold training weekend

Yes I train this weekend... not a lot but I did something. On Friday I went to the gym and did a decent work out of almost 2 hours... On Saturday after a buying some stuff with my GF I went out on the 35 degrees with a wind chill of 27 for a 4.3 mile run in 41 minutes. My first run since the marathon 3 weeks ago. On Sunday I went to bike, yes in the cold 39 degrees, for a nice 25 miles and after that watch the MLS cup final were Columbus Crew with one of my favorite players el guille (Guillermo Barros Scheloto) won the MVP (already league MVP) with 3 assists. Then some cooking for the week. That was all my weekend.
On a site note I never talk here about products but I am making an exception. I bought the Under Armour cold gear compression long sleeve shirt. It does work I ran and bike with it over the weekend and it does work It keep me warm. And for me to said that is hard because I am not use to th cold. I know is expensive but it does work.
May be I come back with a crazy post later today but maybe just stay tuned around 3 or 4

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tfh said...

I like Underarmour, too. Some things are worth the expense, and staying warm while running outside is one of them for me.