Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, cold weekend

Its Friday and its a cold and it going to be a cold weekend.
In better new my cell phone is back. A good person turn in it the bus driver and I asked the bus driver yesterday about it and he had it. So at least there good people around here.
About training not much. Hopefully the weekend works better.
Probably a run and the gym and lots of movie because is freezing in here.
Setup the 2009 season is on the making I am just waiting a few more things to click.
Good luck to the Rainmaker in the Philadelphia Marathon in his quest of at least breaking 3 hours. He will be in lows 2:50.
Also good luck to the dctriclub members doing Ironman Arizona.

On a side note you don't think its time for the CEO's of this companies that are in trouble start dropping privet jets and all their luxury and start living like regular people. May be if their cuts their salaries in 1/2 or 3/4 and theri reduce their style of living that might help the companies.

Happy Friday


TriT said...

It's brrr cold here too, but I hope to get in a weekend outdoor run :)Glad someone was nice enough to return your cell phone!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

tfh said...

I had a good feeling about the cell phone! Glad to hear it's back.

I'm not quite sure what kind of numbskull would fly his private jet to DC when he is trying to get taxpayers' money to bail out his company, but I guess when you make as much $$$ as they do you grow big-headed and foolish.

Rainmaker said...


Just heading out the door now.