Thursday, November 20, 2008

TRIART "Thank goodness for running!"

Todays topic on the Runners Lounge is thanks goodness for running. As this is my 8th year of running I am thankful because is make me feel healthy, I can eat and no get as fat, it is a religious experience but the most important is the people I have met through it and th experience from it. I admit that I won't be the typed of person I am today if I haven't discover running. So for or the wonderful thing that running have gave me I am thankful. Enjoy your traditional thanksgiving run trot or what ever you want to call it and the enjoy the lunch or dinner depending on your tradition.

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Allistar:) said...

Thanks goddness for running totally I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I see the young kids from my highschool running and practicing on Braddock, raod, It kind of brought me back and I rembered how running has been with me for most of my life and has introduced me to new things and new people and new experiences. Love you