Wednesday, November 19, 2008

R.I.P. from 2005 - 2008

Yesterday while I was heading back home in my usual spot at the bus and after I talked to my GF my cell and me decided to go separate way. Instead or falling in to my bag big pocket the cell decided to roll around between the gloves, the hat my coat and don't make any noise or sound so it can disappear. When I found it has disappear I was sad because had lost like a friend a piece of a equipment that has hang out with me. Yes I know the phone and the numbers but I had backup list so I have the number from the last 10 years so If you gave me you # 8 month ago is possible that I don't have it other than that I do have it. The part here is the sentimental part of it. I know it was piece of chunk because it was old but you know. for this incident I didn't ran yesterday Let see what happens today because I do need a new phone


tfh said...

I'm sorry! I'm crossing my fingers some kind stranger will find it and figure out how to contact someone in your phone book and return it to you. Even for a piece of junk it feels sad to lose something so personal.

Rainmaker said...

Sorry! Losing a cell phone sucks, mostly cause ya gotta get everything 'just right' again.