Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 19 1493

Today is remembered the first invasion that my country suffered 515 years ago. Th e spainards came in the perused of gold. If any body wants more detail let me know.

In others stuff yesterday was so cold that I got home and when to bed because I was freezing my ass. I didn't train or anything I just watch a movie teach spanish to my GF and went to bed. Today I am going to put up a nice run 30 minutes run If I can beat the cold.
I will be going to a local running store to watch the P4 and the watch some good Futbol since is a FIFA date a lot of national teams play.

Not much going


tfh said...

I'm very ignorant...are you from Puerto Rico? Anyway, get in that run today! At least it's sunny!

Shannon said...

Ran 3, interval style

Taught a spin class

Weight trained for 1/2 hour

ate pizza for dinner......

not much for me either