Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Of season plan

I have decided that from now till the end of the year well the 22 of December. I leave the 23rd home and to the warm. I am going to try to hit the bike 4-5 a week the same with the gym running and swimming 1 or 2. Base on this Yesterday I stretched bike on the trainer 55 minutes and did some upper body workouts. My plan is underway I am going to be posting here to keep track of my self.

This mourning was really cold... like 30

Basketball season is underway at least something good to watch

Heroes last night was good.

Christmas are just around the corner.
I am thinking about doing the Arlington Turkey Trot 5k will see
Thats all
Happy Tuesday


tfh said...

It is so cold today. Good to have a plan to stick to during this challenging time of year!

Rainmaker said...

I think the Arlington one is the one I'm doing, I'm doing both the Arlington and Alexandria ones (the links are on the sidebar of my site).

See ya there!