Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend recap

I went to NY on Saturday to do a little Christmas shopping and visit some museum. The trip was great. We took the 6 am bus were there around 11. By that time the rain disappear and had a great weather, 70 degrees and sun until 7 that we left. A few notes from my time there.
The Sojo district is really nice and $$$$$$
The Addidas store is way much better than Nike town. Have more variety in running cycling soccer and shoes. It was awesome.
If you want to attract people on to you store put a guy model in jeans with out shirt at 5 pm in the door at your 5th avenue store and see how may people just came in it was amazing. Thats good marketing
NY makes every other city look small.
By all the walking I re injured lower peroneus muscle it was cramping at the end of the day.
We came back at 1 am on Saturday night.
On Sunday I wake up at 11 I was tired and sore from the day it was extremely cold and windy. I try to bike but when the wind is blowing 20 miles with gust of 35 on your face and your next bike race is 6 month away you just said forget it. I biked 10 minutes and return home. I did some stretching and cook for the day and the week.
Well that was the weekend I am back to running this week in preparation for the Jingle all the way 10k race that by the way is feature in the December edition of Runners World as must do Christmas race.
Hope everybody have a great week.


tfh said...

It was SO windy on Sunday. Hope your muscle is feeling okay-- most massage rates I found were around $80/hour minimum, but we managed to get a special "introductory" discount just by asking. It's worth a try! I may not be in town for the Jingle All the Way 10K but it looks pretty cool.

Shannon said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Take it easy Eric.