Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend cold rainy weekend

Yes the weekend looks like the title so I guess I ll be doing a lot of indoor training. Tonight a gym session and a 30 - to 40 minutes at the trainer. On Saturday I ll be heading to NY to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and visit some museums with my GF. On Sunday the plan is to bike out side if the cold let me because is going to be only 50 and windy so thats going to be hard. On Wednesday I decided to begin planning the 2009 season and to work on my liabilities this off-season. So the plan is something like this swim and run 1-2 time a week each one. Bike 4 times a week including at least 1 long run on the weekend even if is it cold. (Read 3rd sentence). Hit the gym 3-4 times a week because my body need and I am really weak right now. I forgot how bit up the someone is after a Marathon. And last but no the least stretch, stretch, stretch. I am not too flexible so I have to improve on this. So the goal is to stretch at least once a day. I am going to track my progress here beginning on Monday. Feel free to leave comment and remind me that I have to stretch and bike.
Thats all for now have a great weekend


Allistar:) said...

Hello there great blog, Have you checked out Allison's YOGA classes Saturday mornings. un beso

tfh said...

Running in the cold/wind is one thing, but biking is truly brutal because of the wind chill. I admire your plan! Have fun in NY.

Shannon said...

If you were close I'd say, "take my spin in the morning!"

Teaching two tomorrow and two on Sunday!

Relax.....oh and stretch bro!

Rainmaker said...

Have a great weekend up there.

It turned out to be whacky-ass-hot today here, 74* and extremely high humidity.