Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not much to say

Is Wednesday so always on Wednesday i hard for me to post because there is not much happening. Yesterday the NYC marathon booklet arrive. I was really excited about this. Already I read it. I ran 4 miles yesterday. I felt like crap but I made it after 6 days with out running I am back. Tonight I am doing 10 miles evenly if I have to survive. I am determine to completed so I can be back on track.
As everybody might be watching baseball ( I am not a baseball fan) to night there are a few good soccer games going to night on both the CONCACAF region with their club tournament and in the CONMEBOL with the Copa Suramerica. This games are well played and really excited to watch. So if you dare to watch something different change the channel and go and watch this different games.

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Shannon said...

I did 9 today, check out my blog....