Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life Lessons Learned From Running

Since this a topic from the runners lounge and I think is nice I like to write about it. I have been running on regular basing since January 2000. That year I began running to do something other than hanging out and get better grades at college. I had none running background. I played volleyball and basketball at high school but never running. I knew I was going to be runner because my mom was a runner and the day before I was born my mom was lapping around the track. So I think running was on my blood and genes.

From day 1 I learned that its take time. You have to discipline. For getting better at it you need to work hard be patient and learn that its take time. These keys to running can be applied to any goals you have in your life and they are going to help in the journey of reaching that goal.

The other important things that running has give are friend. I have met great people that have become friends and we have stay in touch with them no matter time distance or place. These friends have taught me lot stuff about life. They have been great and of all ages. From 60 or 70 years as 17 or 18 years, they all have been part of this trip and I have learned from them and they have learned from me.

To this I have to add that it have been a great running/ triathlon journey.


kara said...

Discipline - a lesson that keeps us going strong!

Julianne said...

being patient is so hard for me. i remember when i first started training for a marathon, i couldn't wait to go out there an do the long runs (12+ miles). what i didn't realize was that i had go out there and slowly build my mileage! i know better now!

Allistar:) said...

I like it, Great blog, Hmmm I couldnt of had a better running partner and best friend,