Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to training

After 5 days doing nothing yesterday I hit he pool to see how I was feeling from "injury". Its turns out I felt great. So for the next 3 weeks my focus will be training for the NYC marathon. I do have 1 more sprint tri next Saturday but I am going there to have fun as all my attention is on the marathon. The marathon have been the goal and 3:30 the time since last year. Last year I went to watch the Marathon Olympic trials and I was inspire to again run a marathon. The next 3 weeks will be running focus and a little bit of swimming and biking because the last 2 help heel your body from the running pounding. Let see how its goes. In 32 days I ll be at the start of Staten Island ready to go.

1 comment:

TriT said...

Glad you had a great swim and are feeling better :)

I am running focused now too! Fun stuff :)