Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend gone, Butt bump gone, Wall street crash

The weekend went by resting and relaxing. I clean (with help of my girl friend) a lot and got ready for the fall. I rest and waste a lot on the computer wondering about the next move in every aspect of my life. On Sunday I went to the Naylor beach Olympic triathlon and watch my girlfriend compete. Over there I met a fellow blogger the Rainmaker. We chatted about some interesting triathlons topics. He is cool guy and great athlete. The race site is beautiful and the organization great I recommend this race foe anybody who wants a late Olympic triathlon. My girl friend had a great being this her first Olympic race she finish with a great 2:53:56. Congratulations to her. My bump is almost gone so hopefully this week I am back to training to NYC marathon.

Wall street is in edge of a collapse may be we are back to the 30's. Will see stay tuned. My only question is if this crisis was in another country and ther government would try to do what the us government is trying to do it be called Socialism. And the US government will threat them about what ever they can. Is the US government get what they want. Who will tell them that they are socialist and who will threat them about being SOCIALISM !!!!!

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Rainmaker said...

Congrats to your girlfriend for her time! And great to catch up with ya.