Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Weekend ...

This is the last weekend before the NYC Marathon. I only need to do 1 10 miler. probably is going to be Sunday since Saturday is suppose to rain. I am really excited for this race and is just around the corner. So 1 weekend of resting before the big weekend. My hip is feeling way much better so hopefully I will continue to do the same methods until race day. The MC Marathon is here this weekend I ll probably will head to the expo on Saturday to take advantage of the sales. Last year the prices were better here than in NY expo. NY had all the brand new stuff and the latest for the next year but prices were high. So I just will check both of them. Hope everybody have a great weekend.


Allistar:) said...

EXPO=RIDERS :) SHOE SHOPPING SEASON One more week to go, I liked your blog about the weight it was very informative, ok LYF
te quiero

Shannon said...

Have a great weekend!

My race is next weekend, I'll keep you posted. My last long run is tomorrow.